Questions & Answers

In GPK, major currencies are directly available. You can call us one day in advance to guarantee you the availability and inform you about the exact amount. Just call us at 210-5228075.

Using your card abroad or at an ATM to withdraw cash in local currency or in markets, brings additional charges. Moreover, the exchange rate for currency conversion is automatically set by the Bank, without you knowing the rate of conversion. For these reasons, it is preferable to have purchased your currency exchange in Greece, as you will have full control of your transaction (exchange rate, commission, etc.) The GPK guarantees the best prices for your transactions. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Any cash remained you can return it to us. By going to the nearest GPK office you can exchange foreign currency purchased from us, in euro.

Transactions of up to 1000 euro
For transactions of up to 1000 euro, a demonstration of a valid certificate is required.

For transactions from 1000-15.000 euro
You can buy or sell foreign exchange worth up to 15,000 euro with the following certificates:

  • Greek Police Identity
  • Passport
  • EU citizen Identity
  • Alien residence permit
  • Refugee ID card of Greek Version
  • Travel document

For Transactions exceeding 15.000 euro
For transactions over 15.000 euro, the tax return statement and a BPO (Public Businesses and Organizations) account are required.

If you need money either overseas or in Greece, you can get it through Western Union. The money is sent from all our stores and is available directly worldwide.